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In this Industry Buzz podcast hosted by Jim Burton, the BCStrategies Experts preview what they expect to see in 2020.

There's UC Gold In Them There Mobile Business Apps!

When I first started using the term "unified communications" (UC), I was simply trying to expand the old domain of "unified messaging" (UM) to include initiating real-time telephone calls from a message. We had long been doing the reverse, creating voice mail messages from a failed telephone call, and I thought it was time to push the concept further by allowing recipients to easily respond to their voice messages more flexibly.

Trends in Mobility and UC for 2011

Mobility delivered some big surprises in 2010. Those would include the first 4G smartphones, the launch of LTE-based 4G network service from Verizon, a phenomenal growth spurt for Android, and most importantly, the introduction of the tablet as the new mobile computing platform. That's a lot to digest, and I think that 2011 will be remembered as a year where we begin to see the mobile world for the next decade beginning to take shape.