In this Executive Insights podcast, Jim Burton of UCStrategies is joined by Vishy Gopalakrishna

Mobile Security Is Still Important

While the UC vendor community still emphasizes the importance of mobility, one topic that doesn't get nearly enough attention is mobile security. Fortunately, there have been a number of developments that had improved the overall ability to secure sensitive information on or accessible through mobile devices, but organizations still must take steps to put them in place. And unfortunately, many organizations still seem to feel that "denial" is an adequate approach to security.

Nadella Bites the Bullet on Nokia and Apple Still Rules in the Enterprise

In what can't be deemed a surprise, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella last week announced the company will take a $7. 6 billion write-down on its $9.4 billion investment (81% of the initial value) in Nokia and will be laying off some 7,800 workers. While industry analysts estimate that over 90% of the Windows Phone devices that have been sold carry the Nokia (now "Microsoft") label, clearly former CEO Steve Ballmer's plan to emulate Apple's strategy of controlling both the mobile device hardware and software could not save Microsoft's Quixotic vision for Windows Phone. To his credit, Mr.

In this Industry Buzz podcast, the discussion is about the prospects for Microsoft in the smartphone business.

Apple Is Back in the Driver's Seat

The announcement of two new models of the iPhone and the long-awaited Apple Watch along with a bevy of new capabilities has put Apple back in the position of leading the mobile market to the next phase. The Android faithful are claiming that all Apple has managed to do is "catch up" with things they've had for years, but only Apple has the vision and the clout to redefine markets. Sure, bigger screens and image stabilizing cameras are "catch up" moves, but with Apple the game isn't about matching technical specs, it's about creating a superlative user experience.