Get guidance on adopting a system of engagement approach for omnichannel customer service, building a foundation for your self-service and assisted

A good omnichannel workforce planning strategy improves overall  customer experience, reduces costs and minimizes employee turnover.

Savvy customers expect that you will meet them where they are when they need you.

Customer journeys take place on multiple communication channels, including IVR, email, social media, web chat, text, and mobile apps.

Discover why omnichannel customer engagement is your best choice for delivering exceptional CX.

The transformation to omnichannel is driving a refresh of customer engagement solutions within the contact center and across the enterprise.

Control costs and meet rising customer expectations by adopting AI and automation.

Creating an Emotive Customer Experience: Where’s the Motivation?

My tired old iPhone 6 could really use a new battery. So, earlier this year I was pleased to learn about the $29 battery replacement program offered by Apple. Unfortunately, the whole experience left me sorely disappointed.

The program requires one to contact Apple support who will then order a battery to be sent to the local Apple store of your choice and schedule you with an appointment for the change out. I did that. The Apple representative was friendly enough and assured me they would get the battery on order right away.