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Sorting Out the Differences Between Cloud Solutions

Sorting Out the Differences Between Cloud Solutions

The allure of the cloud has been, for many, the hope that it will be the equivalent of the “Easy button” that will resolve challenges such as scalability, complexity, resource constraints, and more. But as the cloud marketplace matures, it has become apparent that not all clouds are created equal. In fact, the term “cloud” seems to have so many definitions that it has become an imprecise catch-all phrase open to interpretation and marketing spin.

If you are making a decision about which technology to use, how do you sort through all of the confusion?

OpenStack Turned 3

In UC, we talk a lot about virtualization and private cloud, but OpenStack doesn't get a lot of direct attention. OpenStack is an emerging open private cloud alternative, and it's sure to impact UC significantly. OpenStack just celebrated its third birthday.