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At Five9’s first analyst summit since Rowan Trollope became CEO, a group of industry analysts had the opportunity to spend a day and a half with th

Cisco Collaboration Summit – After Some Time

Three weeks ago, Cisco held their annual Collaboration Summit in Phoenix. I decided to wait a week to write about the event to let my thoughts congeal. In the interim, Rowan Trollope, the GM of the Collaboration group and the featured speaker at the Summit decided to pursue an opportunity at the cloud contact center provider Five9. While this departure does not change what was presented, it does open the door to other changes in the future.

Cisco Sparks it Up at the Collaboration Summit

The big news at the Cisco Collaboration Summit recently was all about Spark. In addition to Spark the Service, Cisco also announced Spark Hybrid Services, and Spark for Developers. Cisco introduced Spark (nee Project Squared) last year at Enterprise Connect, and at that time Spark was essentially a messaging application. According to Rowan Trollope, Spark was "redesigned to deliver a magical experience." (Note: Spark has moved from a delightful experience to a magical one).