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Latest Significant Trends in SIP Trunking

Latest Significant Trends in SIP Trunking


SIP trunking is no longer for those who are pioneers in IT or forward thinkers. SIP trunking is now a "have to" technology that requires significant best practices to secure a safe, risk managed implementation and support.

SIP trunking has been promoted as a carrier solution for close to 48 months at this juncture, and has now, for all intents and purposes, gone mainstream. SIP trunking offers several key benefits for those enterprises willing to take the plunge and implement it.

5 Key Questions to Ask About Your SIP Services Solution

There seems to be little question that SIP is the way to go for PSTN access trunking. New UC solutions as well as legacy PBXes are increasingly using SIP as their access. The big question is: which SIP trunking provider is the best for your organization? There are over 200 companies in the US that provide some form of SIP trunking, which one fits your requirements best? To help decide, there are five key questions that should be asked of any SIP trunking provider.

In this Executive Insights podcast, UCStrategies' Jim Burton is joined by Georg

SIP Trunking and E-SBCs For All Forms of UC - It's Not Just Voice Any Longer


SIP trunking is a "hot" industry trend and has been so for 24+ months now. I liken and envision SIP trunking similar to the disruption and transformation that took place when moving from legacy TDM digital IP-PBXs to IP-based Unified Communications. That disruption took, in my opinion, longer than expected because of the disruption and move of voice communications from facilities infrastructure to IT, and VoIP now integrated to the data network and the "headache" and unknown factors now associated with real-time communications running on the data network.

AudioCodes Extends its SBC Offering to Large Enterprises

AudioCodes is boosting its SBC game, with a new high capacity Session Border Controller. It's also showing notable growth, with a new customer for its SIP Trunking services, indicating a greater demand for larger SBCs. Noting that an increasing number of large enterprises are using centralized SIP Trunking services to consolidate their calling traffic, AudioCodes is taking the opportunity to advance its services and offerings.

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