Getting On the Right Side of Text

In my time watching the enterprise networking business, text has gone from pariah to panacea. I still recall when “Text” meant AOL’s Instant Messenger (AIM) and most large companies actually had a policy banning its use in offices. Apparently the OFICs (i.e. “Old Farts in Charge”) saw their kids playing around with AIM instead of doing their homework, and the boss didn’t want any of those shenanigans on company time.

Smooch - The Babel Fish of Texting

Text, particularly mobile text, clearly ranks among the greatest innovations we have seen in telecommunications in the past 50 years. To put that in perspective, TouchTone dialing was introduced about 50 years ago. While not much has happened on the TouchTone front, text continues to evolve and users’ enchantment with the capability allows it to find its way into all corners of our business and personal lives. One company that is looking to build on that success is Smooch.

In this Executive Insights podcast, UCStrategies welcomes ThinkingPhones to the call to discuss the company's mobile initiative.