BCStrategies' Jon Arnold attended three more industry conferences during November.

In this episode, BCStrategies' Jon Arnold and Chris Fine talk about highlights from t

Enterprise Connect 2018 – First Impressions, Literally

I often write recaps of industry events, and I have first impressions to share for Enterprise Connect in two regards. First, I’m getting my thoughts organized while they’re fresh and the buzz is still strong, but also because this was my first time attending the event. Most of my BCStrategies colleagues have been going for years, so I’m seeing Enterprise Connect with fresh eyes.

New Kids in the Customer Interaction Management Space: Twilio

In August 2016, Twilio dropped a mini bomb in the Contact Center space announcing that ING Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the world would replace its 17 separate legacy call centers systems with one global solution built on its APIs. Twilio has been growing steadily its presence in the customer interaction management space and it is time to explore its solution set.

Getting the Message about Messaging - New Research from Twilio

We've been hearing a lot about messaging lately, and at the recent MoNage event in Boston, my comment that "messaging is the new voice" really seemed to resonate. There's certainly a Wild West element to this space, and that opens the door for new players to make their marks, and bring even more disruption to the cadre of UC players we're so familiar with.

Lynda Smith, Twilio's CMO, talks to Blair Pleasant about Twilio, what it does and how it enables developers to bring communications into the applic