The Movie was Great; I Know Because I Didn't See It

I did not see the latest new movie but I really liked it. Let me tell you about it.

When I read a book review I assume the reviewer has read the book. When I read the review of a restaurant I assume the food critic has tried the food. While this seems reasonable, in this world of "armchair analysts" and hyper-incented sales professionals, the pressure to move fast sometimes doesn't allow enough time to gather real-world experience.

Unified Communications in Health Care

New communications solutions are emerging to address compelling Health Care Industry concerns. Timely and reliable communication of accurate information is critical to effective health care delivery. More than in most other industries, errors or delays impact peoples' lives and well-being. As the national agenda focuses on health care, these communication imperatives must be met in an environment increasingly under pressure to lower costs, improve productivity, and provide better care.

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