Video Is Going Viral, Part Deux and Financial Services


My October 2016 post, Video is Going Viral - Especially in Healthcare! showed that video is going mainstream, even viral and external forces are creating that "perfect storm" for video. Video is one of the components of the UC suite, and projections over the next few years for UC and "neighboring areas" growth is staggering and even "off the charts." For example:

Smiling About Video

There is no UC technology with more excitement right now than video. Not because it is new, because it isn't. Not because it is dominant, because it isn't. Video is transitioning from the periphery to the mainstream of how we communicate. The democratization of video is upon us - and it changes everything. It's the result of camera ubiquity, inexpensive broadband, and smart mobile devices.

Highfive - Simple Video, No Remotes

Last week, a new company, Highfive, emerged as a video conferencing system provider. I met with Shan Sinha, CEO and Founder, and Dave King, VP of Product Marketing, and they explained why they believe that Highfive is poised to change video. The team at Highfive comes from Google and Apple, and the investors in Highfive are a fairly impressive group and the $17.5M invested so far shows they believe in the concept.

In this UCStrategies videocast with Blair Pleasant, Bruce Marler of CafeX demonstrates

New OVCC Forrester Study on Market State of B2B Video Communication

Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC) just released three new Forrester Consulting reports on the State of B2B Video Communication Market including adoption, perception, and outlook in the B2B space. The reports were commissioned by the OVCC group and are based on a survey of 695 enterprise decision-makers and influencers of video communications. The three reports are: