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RingCentral Analyst Summit 2019 – The Rise of Collaborative Communications

RingCentral Collaboration Communications

“Collaborative communications” is the vison of RingCentral, which was highlighted at the recent RingCentral analyst conference, as a group of analysts heard how the company is bringing its various capabilities and offerings together to enable Unified Experiences. This is a theme I’ve been writing and talking about for years, and was happy to hear RingCentral focus on the value of bringing all the business communication pieces together – notably calling (cloud PBX), contact center, messaging, and meetings.

RingCentral Rings In Analyst Day

RingCentral Rings In Analyst Day

At its inaugural analyst conference, RingCentral discussed its sales, product, and technology momentum, as we heard from not just RingCentral execs, but from customers and partners as well. RingCentral has been focusing on “collaborative communications,” which goes beyond basic unified communications to include the collaborative element, notably team collaboration or what some call workstream communications.

In this Executive Insights video podcast, Jim Burton of BCStrategies is joined by