Vonage Conversation API

Introducing the New Vonage

Vonage new branding

At Vonage’s analyst conference in San Francisco last month, a group of analysts got to preview the newly branded Vonage which was introduced at the company’s inaugural user and developer conference, Vonage Campus. All of the brands are now simply Vonage – say goodbye to Nexmo and NewVoiceMedia, or separate business and consumer brands. As part of the rebranding, Vonage introduced a nice new logo and beautiful gradient color scheme and design for its website, dashboards, and more.


Vonage Conversation API to Drive Superior Customer Experience Through Conversations

Vonage has announced the launch of its Conversation API at the Company’s user and developer conference, Vonage Campus. As the newest addition to the Vonage API Platform, the Conversation API enables developers and enterprises to create customized, real-time conversations that maintain context across multiple channels, including messaging and voice.