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Cisco Collaboration - New Faces, New Energy

Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit

There was lots of energy and enthusiasm on display at Cisco’s recent Collaboration Analyst Summit with several new team members, new announcements, and new messaging. Amy Chang, Executive Vice President, Cisco Collaboration, put together a top-notch team of professionals who shared their vision of workplace transformation during the three-day event (which included a bonus Contact Center Day) held at Cisco headquarters in San Jose.

Musings from Cisco 10th Annual Contact Center Sales Summit

Musings from the Cisco 10th Annual Contact Center Sales Summit

Last week Cisco held its annual Contact Center Sales Summit in Hollywood, Florida. This year's gathering of product managers, sales overlays, channels, and technology partners increased in size by 50% and, for the first time, included some customers. Cisco collaboration applications business grew 15% last fiscal year, a noticeable uplift over the previous ones. It gave the company the opportunity to share its ambitions for its contact center product line.