Asurion Enterprise - How to keep your employees’ technology running smoothly

2 Dec 2020

Tech problems are common for remote workers, and solving them can be challenging for IT professionals. To get employees’ technology running quickly after an incident, it’s critical to have the right tools. Here are seven programs that will help you identify and resolve tech troubles from anywhere.

TeamViewer Tensor® 

One of the biggest challenges IT technicians face with remote employees is accessing their computers. That’s where TeamViewer Tensor software comes in. It allows you to remotely diagnose and solve problems without the back-and-forth of calls or emails. A cloud-based service, it’s ideal for companies that allow workers to choose their own devices. 

ConnectWise Control® 

Need to do work on employees’ computers without interrupting them? With ConnectWise Control, you can preinstall an app on their machines that allows you to have remote access at any time. This way, you can install software and make fixes during off hours. The interface is also easy to navigate, and it’s used by many leading companies. 

Zoho® Assist 

If an employee has multiple monitors, switching between them can be tricky during a remote IT session. But Zoho Assist allows you to easily jump back and forth between displays as you work on a machine. You can also broadcast your screen to demonstrate tasks to workers. And there is a mobile app for managing computers on the go. 

How to keep your employees’ technology running smoothly


With so many people working remotely right now, Zoom and other video conferencing tools areis critical for business communication, and but they areit’s also an efficient way to solve tech problems. Hop on a video call with an employee or share your screen so you can easily see and understand the issue. You can also set up larger meetings for up to 100 people, write on a whiteboard, and record your session in case you want to send it to others or watch it later. 


Have a tech problem? Jira, a well-known project management tool, can help you track it. When someone has an issue, they create a ticket that lets you know what the problem is and how quickly you need to resolve it. They can also add screenshots to help illustrate what’s wrong. As you troubleshoot, employees will get updates at each stage of the process, keeping them in the loop until their tech works again. 


When you’re remote, you’re not always at your desk. This program puts all the tickets from your employees (or customers) into one cloud-based inbox, so you can view your outstanding problems from anywhere and address them quickly. Workers can file a ticket from their computer, phone, or even social media account and follow its progress in real time. You can also see what issues are trending and post updates on how to fix them. 


One of the most popular communication apps, Slack allows you to create groups (public or private), send direct messages, and make video calls with anyone in your organization on your laptop or phone. It’s perfect for helping people quickly, and all your conversations are saved so you can refer to them if similar issues arise. 



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